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Chance Encounter

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Chance Encounter

Chance encounter with a blue eyed man

Greg was accompanying a model in one of the meetup i attended.  Saw him sitting and his blue eyes, I have not photographed anyone with blue eyes before, i may have but not as close as this one. Thanks for posing for me Greg.

Chance encounter with Ana from Russia

Met Ana at Olive Park, Chicago after we were wrapping up our glamour model photo shoot meetup.  She posed with some of the models we were taking pictures of.  She proudly says that she is 78 years old.  She may aged but when you talk to her her spirit lives.. her youthfulness never fade... it still in her... she did modeled when she was young and danced ballet... you will notice it when she moves and when she's in-front of the camera. 

Chance encounter with Jordan

He said he came from LA and he is here to visit his mom.  He is a tattoo artist but unfortunately he got robbed and took his gear.  He sample his work on this small tiles on his left. Now he is trying to get back to LA.

Chance encounter with Cesar

Cesar doing an ollie to get into that rail and do a forward slide.  That was a pretty cool move.  He's been doing skateboard for six years and this looks easy for him, fun to shoot.

Chance encounter with Miles

Met Miles at Grant Park Skate park, i was watching doing his tricks before i approach to have some photographs taken.  He's been doing it for years and then he stopped, and he just got back at it again for the last 6 months and it looks like his skills are still with him... Ride safe Miles...

Chance encounter with a Graduate of class 2018

Congratulations to Grant Community High School students, graduates of class 2018.

Chance encounter with a blacksmith.

Was waiting for my client to arrive for a photo shoot at Spring Valley Nature Center, I heard some metal pounding and saw few people watching something at a small barn.  He said to me "I have not seen my self at work" after i showed him his photograph,

Chance encounter with a girl in Chicago

Of course she was with her parents, i just shoot a couple for their engagement and I wanted to have another picture of the beautiful Chicago skyline.

Chance encounter with 2 Victory Riders

Met them at the parking lot, saw them parked before my family and I went into Deny's for breakfast, they had breakfast there too before riding off.

Chance encounter with a family of 5.

Met them at the apple orchard on a lovely day, beautiful family. Love the reaction of their youngest .


Chance encounter with a Stone Mountain lovers

Saw the couple half way down the mountain so i hike down and had their photographs taken.  Beautiful couple with a beautiful scenery on a beautiful day in beautiful Georgia.


Chance encounter with Britney from Kansas

Met Britney from Kansas inside the Mammoth Cave, she is the Ranger on duty when we had our tour inside the cave.  She was just there for 3 months and very knowledgeable of her work. No flash photography inside the cave so i pushed my ISO way up high and shutter speed very slow, thus the noise and blurry photograph.


chance encounter with a family of 4

Was waiting for that spot so i can pictures of my daughter, while waiting did asked them if i can take a picture of them.  We're on top of the Stone Mountain, GA


Chance encounter with His Eminence

Cardinal Blase Cupich was sharing a laughter with the artist Paul C Balan during their conversation.  Not the sharpest of my image but seeing His Eminence in a photograph bursting in laughter is happy moment.


Chance encounter with Korean and Vietnamese attendees

Met these beautiful ladies at the Asian Catholic Initiative Archdiocese of Chicago's event, the 1st Asian Community Mass with theme "Mary, the Mother of Cultures".


Chance encounter with folks from CBC Roasters

Initially i thought those were cups for your coffee, they are indeed cups but for making coffee.  Your cup of coffee will be  from the one below it.  The guy was in the mushroom stall and heard him saying 'Nobody is taking picture of me." So when i see him in his stall i asked if i can take a picture and happy to oblige.


Chance encounter with a lady from River Valley Ranch

Took this picture on a farmer's market, she's from the River Valley Ranch & Kitchens. Very knowledgeable of the product she sells, and love that on a seller.


Chance encounter with Juan

I guess we can consider this as his first official photograph with his daughter.  He and his wife is expecting their first daughter pretty soon so he told her daughter not to come out yet until he gets back from his meeting here in Chicago.  We talked in the plane bound to Chicago from Houston, after 3 hours flight delayed due to maintenance issue on the plane.  He is here for a meeting and he is a classical guitar player.  I took this picture just before we bid goodbye at 12 midnight.


Chance encounter with Rocco

met Rocco at the shores of Lake Erie, he pulls pieces of wood or tree trunks that are washed ashore.


Chance encounter with bicycle enthusiasts

met them during my family nature walk they asked me to take their photograph so i asked back if i could take their photo as well for my chance encounter... it was a great day for walking and cycling.


chance encounter with James

He's way taller than me, so i asked him to sit so i can take his photograph from my eye level. As I look thru my view finder realized he has a resemblance with one of my favorite actor, Sean Connery.


chance encounter with a girl from Fox Lake

they were watching the 4th of July parade in Fox Lake, the girl with a fox tatoo and Bucky

two ladies from Wisconsin

they asked me to photograph them using their iphone, so i asked if i can photograph them with my camera.  Here they are sitting on the anchor displayed at the far end of the Navy Pier, a lot of visitors at the pier have their picture taken here. 


chance encounter with a lady bartender

She love pictures, so when i asked her if i can take a photograph of her she did not hesitate, she even showed me some of her photographs on her cell phone and they looked amazing.  She's a hard working mom.


chance encounter with a lady and her anime tattoo

I met her at a function i covered lately, I asked about who is that girl on her arm.  She said, she finds the girl cool so she had her inked in her arm and i think that reflects her personality, Cool.  She's originally from here  in Chicago and moved out to Sunshine State. What she missed most here, is the snow on Christmas.


chance encounter with a parking lady

Sitting along the road and waving a flag, she was telling people that they can park on her lawn.  People looking for a parking spot to go to the Wisconsin State Fair can actually park on her lawn and that was most of people do around the neighborhood.  Good for helping the state and the state helping them to get a little income.  She charges 8 bucks while most of the residents charges more than her.  Parking on the lawn are prohibited in the city of Wet Allis, only during the 11 days of the fair it is allowed by the city.


chance encounter with a bridesmaid

Was passing by while the official photographer was taking photographs of the bride and groom, asked if i can take a photo of the bridesmaid and she gave me a very warm smile.  Taken at Milwaukee Lakefront, there were 3 wedding party in the area.


chance encounter with Raiders fan

Not totally sure if he is a Raiders fan or it was just a hat he is wearing, but did asked him to pose and he gave me a great smile.


chance encounter with BFFs

Two lovely teenagers strolling at the park, their true friendships can be shown through their smiles.


chance encounter with a Russian girl

A hard working Russian girl, she approached me and asked if i can take a survey about my time at the park.  Sure why not, and perks of doing a survey is that i will have a coupon for a free scoop of ice scream, sounds good to me.  After the survey i took a picture of her, she is from Russia studying Psychology and working at the same time here.  Oh yeah did not get my ice scream because by the time i get to the cafeteria it is already closed.


chance encounter with an expectant mom.

Saw her husband taking picture of her, thought she would be another interesting person to take photo of here at the park.  Saw this spot and thought maybe i could sit her there and take some photo.  Approached them and asked I can take her photos, they agreed, sat her there and me and her husband start taking pictures of her.  Congratulations to both of them.


chance encounter with a landscape/nature photographer

She's originally from China, we said hi to each other and start exchanging stories. It's always nice to chat with another enthusiast.


chance encounter with newly engaged couple

Met Jane and Jim at the park while their friends were taking photographs of them. Shared some tips on how i take photographs with their friends and this turned out to be a fun mini engagement session/class session.  Best wishes to both of you and good luck to your friends taking your photographs.


chance encounter with four good friends at the park

The laughter of these lovely ladies are real as it gets. During their conversation they all burst into laughter and I was very lucky enough that I had my camera ready for them. "The best and most natural shots I have ever had" according to one of them.  I'm fortunate enough to be able to share the moment with them.


chance encounter with a weekend warrior

Another weekend warrior like me, asked him if I could take a picture of him, gave him a wrong business card and when I came back to exchange with the right one, he asked me to show his photo to his boss.


chance encounter with a girl from Japan

My wife and I were the last customers at IZUMI and while she's serving us our sake drinks she told us about how she came to Toronto and starts working there.  She misses her family back in Japan specially her grandfather.  It was her grandfather's birthday that day and she'll make sure that she will give him a call.


chance encounter with a couple at Winter Wonderfest, Navy Pier

saw the couple taking their photographs and kissing at the fest and so I asked politely to pose for me with that ride at the back full of lights.  I don't have a tripod when i took this photograph after an assignment, i love how it turned out.



chance encounter with Hon. Jessica A. O'Brien

my chance encounter with the first Filipino elected judge in the State of Illinois, serving the First Municipal District of the Circuit Court of Cook County.  Next year, she will be the  first Asian American to hold the office as president for the Women's Bar Association of Illinois (WBAI) which was founded 101 years ago. So how did i get to photograph her? I was invited to attend an award ceremony and she sat on the same table as I was.  She was introduce to us by one of the host, so told myself i have to get to have her photograph taken with her permission and was able to shake her hand too. Here she was preparing for her speech.


chance encounter with a friendly couple and their 1960 Corvette Roadster

it was a chance encounter at the Superdawg where we plan to have our dinner with a cousin visiting us from Texas.  As we pulled over there were a lot of Corvettes parked and having their meetup.  Approached the gentleman and asked if i can take pictures of them and their beautiful corvette.  Jim and Peg agreed and here they are with rest of their photographs.


chance encounter of a couple on the bridge #3...

just as i was about to go he approached me and asked to have their picture taken using his phone, i did and so i asked back if i could take their photograph as well. He is a very tall guy (6 ft plus) with a lovely lady by his side and i can't let that opportunity pass by without having their photograph taken, i took their photograph and turned out lovely.



chance encounter of a couple (from Missouri) on the bridge #2...

they asked me if i can take their picture from his cell phone, sure then i ask them if i can take their picture. Took me a while to have the picture properly exposed as i already moved my setup after my first encounter of a couple.  After tweaking and scratching my head finally got my exposure that i'm happy with and this one turns out perfectly for me. I was already feeling pressured for he is a fashion stylist who just accepted an offer to work here in Chicago.



chance encounter of a couple on the bridge #1...

i was at the bridge in Lincoln Park and admiring the city lights, they are the first couple whom i saw taking their picture on his phone, so i ask if they would like to have their picture taken with the Chicago city lights. He only got 8% battery charge on his cellphone.



chance encounter a strolling family

lovely family on a stroll, the lady on the left had her wedding photographed here three years ago.



chance encounter with a strolling couple

wanted to have the side of the pavilion as my backdrop, a couple pass by and asked them if they could be my subject, said yes, big thanks.



chance encounter with a DIVVY Riders

they were taking a break from being at the hospital, a family member was recovering so they decided to distress by riding around Lincoln park and they stumble upon me in the pavilion. 


chance encounter with four good friends...

four good friends that happily pose in-front of my camera.


chance encounter with Tom

"My mom would love this photograph"



chance encounter with Maasai tribe men

got the chance to photograph these men from Kenya on an event sponsored by the non profit organization  My Chosen Vessels (MVC) that provides sustainable clear water.  


chance encounter with little miss jr. beauty queens

they were present during the memorial day ceremony at Lindenhurst...


chance encounter with boys playing "Taps"...

after i took these photographs i showed them to the boys and they say "cool", they did play very well the Taps...


chance encounter with a young soldier...

Asked this young soldier to stand in-front of these powerful words that best describe those who served and remembered...


chance encounter with a man with a purple heart...

never did I imagine i was able to capture a photograph of a man who received a purple heart for his service to his country. I even got the chance to shake his hand. After i took this photograph he said, "You owe me a dollar..." i replied back... we owe you more than that... this memorial day.. we honor we remember those who served....


chance encounter with a green and blue eyed couple...

Met them at the millennium park, they were taking their photos with those beautiful tulips as their background.  


chance encounter with a polite lovely girl...

I saw her dad taking picture of her, so I asked her dad if i could take her picture too.  


chance encounter with a Dad and her daughter...

Here is her Dad, I made him happy capturing her daughter in a photograph.


chance encounter with a model and a friend...

They caught my eyes because of what they are wearing. They were just passing by and I asked if i could take a photograph of them. Christina and Quincy quickly agreed and they pose and they both look great.


chance encounter with Yelena of Troy...

Helen of Troy I called her and she burst into laughter... I actually misheard her name.. it was Yelena.. i'm really bad with names.

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