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When in...

We try to enjoy our little blessings in life. Our trips may not be grand but it's a joyous journey to remember.

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Cleveland, Ohio

Door County, Wisconsin

When in Sister Bay, Door County, Wisconsin


Drive a little further and see the popular Jens Jensen's winding road

Fill up gas in an old pump. 

See the live goats  at Al Johnson's restaurant, a Swedish restaurant.  Yes they are live goats!!! We did not get a table, there is a wait time of 90 minutes, too hungry already.

We ended up eating at the Boathouse, love their alligator's tail bites, delish...

Take a walk at the boardwalk

And then get your beer flight at Bier Zot...

And get a 1/2 a dozen of delicious and fresh oysters...

When in Stone Mountain, Georgia


Go Top

Visit the Stone Mountain, its beautiful up there.

You can get up there thru a cable car or you can hike, we choose to ride the cable car.

Once up here enjoy the scenic view of Atlanta.

See Atlanta skyline from up here. 

People up there do lots of stuff even meditation.

Take shelter under the trees that thrive to live on top of world's largest piece of exposed granite.

On top of the mountain you can have a closer look at these Old World Vultures in flight.

A place for hikers and lovers too.

And of course marvel at the Confederate Memorial Carving that depicts the three Confederate heroes of the Civil War.  It's 400 feet above ground, measures 90 by 190 feet and it is recessed 42 feet into the mountain.  

Took three sculptors to finish the carving, Borglum (he also carved the faces of the presidents in Mount Rushmore), Lukeman and Hancock.  The three heroes are President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee and General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson.


When in Cleveland, Ohio


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Even just spending a day on a particular place, visiting the local market and meeting people are always a great fun.

Visit West Side Market, Cleveland's public market

Inside you will find a big horn head

Some hot chili, "SLAP YA MAMA"

Try the local food like Frank's Bratwurst with sauerkraut yum..

And Crepes De Luxe children and old alike are  lining up for


Find some interesting walls like  this one at the wall of the Market Garden Brewery.

She wrote, Travel.


part of the caption "This is what it sounds like when i'm thinking..'" from the American poet Rowan Ricardo Philips

Meet some locals like Rocky

Take a dip at Lake Erie even if you are not that ready.

Get your feet wet

Even do a dab which young gen are doing

Have fun.

And just explore...


When in Door County, Wisconsin


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A quaint kind of town

Visited the village of Ephraim, a four hours drive from the place we call home.

Summer is the season to enjoy the sun
while you dip your feet in the cool water of Lake Michigan

Boats are a plenty. You can do jet ski, paddle board and kayak 

obviously enjoyed by the people who visited the village.

Had lunch at Wilson's Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor. Food was good. I had a Whitefish sandwich basket while my wife tried the Mushroom burger. The kids had a cheeseburger and a hot dog. Wilson's make their own rootbeer and an array of delicious ice cream flavors.

After lunch we hung out along the shore and took some photographs.

Before heading home, we made a final stop at the Peninsula State Park.  It's over 3.7K acres. Due to the vastness of the park and time constraint, we were able to visit only two spots - the Eagle Panorama and the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

The Eagle Panorama provided a glimpse of Horseshoe Island. We used it as a background for a family photo.

Placed it on the palm of my hand...

...took a bite of it...

...even pushed it with our tiny little finger.

There are a lot of trails you can take... but we never did!

The Historic  Eagle Bluff Lighthouse was built on 1866.

The museum was closed so we just stayed out on the grounds and took more pictures of us.

One more  photo before we go.

Adjacent to the Peninsula State Park was our next stop - the village of Fish Creek .  The main reason we were there was to have dinner at Pelletier's Restaurant for the "Fish Boil".

While waiting for our table, we watched Master Boiler/Owner Matthew Peterson perform an actual fish boil.

Just before the fish and potatoes were taken out of the fire pit, Matthew threw some kerosene on to the fire.

And then the beast was released

I had to take a few steps back, not to capture this picture as it got bigger,  because it's way too hot to be standing next to the fire. Since I was wearing shorts, I was afraid that the hair on my legs burned.

After the fire show while waiting for our seat, we visited some shops.

Had another chance to see a fish boil.

They served whitefish (little bony) with potatoes and onion.  The meal was great. Got a local brew beer to go along with my dinner.  


It was a perfect day that ended really well.

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Nice travel guys. Lots of places you guys are seeing. Enjoy life love you guys.
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