My trip to Arizona April 2023.

A memorable trip.

The trip was for a wedding, visit my sister and her husband, and visit Upper Antelope Canyon. Lake Powell boat tour was a bonus.

First of all thanks to you guys for being my generous host on my visit in Arizona.

Of course first I noticed are all the wonderful cactus around.

Always great seeing her, we visited the trail they often go to, beautiful place.

I had a blast birding at their little oasis, their backyard. 

Here are some feathered friends who visit their oasis. Most are a lifer for me.

**Disclaimer: I used an app identifying these birds.

Up on the roof, they are pretty loud, are some Curve-Billed Trasher. 

A very cute Verdin, it sang beautifully.

A Gila Woodpecker, who seemed to be nesting on a big Saguaro (pronounced “sah-wah-roh”)

A very pleasant to the eye Pacific-slope Flycatcher who got a routine visiting the fountain. And of course, one of my favorite birds to photographs are hummingbirds,  a Costa's Hummingbird.  Looks like this is a female, i did see a male but was not able to photograph it.

Curve-billed Trasher. A Lesser Goldfinch on top of the fountain.

A good looking male Northern Cardinal.

Oh i love this one, a male Gambel's Quail with a teardrop-shaped plumes protruding from it's forehead. A Costa's Hummingbird being aggressive to a Gambel's Qaul strutting along the fence.

A male House Finch

Based on my research this is a Sweet Acacia, the flowers are used to make perfume.

A trip to Antelope Canyon.

Thanks John for driving us for the long trip.

This last Saguaro Cactus on the hill, there will be no more cactus along the way to Antelope Canyon.
I was surprised that there are snow cap mountains in Arizona, here's one.

Photo taken by our tour guide, the wings are more visible in a photograph.

Here are the photos i took of Upper Antelope Canyon.

Some refreshments after the tour at a local brewery, GCB.

The Boat Ride at Lake Powell 

Those brave soul (below photo), for the sake of instagram or tiktok.

My beautiful sister.

Do you see a frog on the picture below, Ursula our tour guide pointed this one out to us. Here is a closer look.

Hours before heading out to the airport, tasty food.

Cozy and homey place to stay.