Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Amazing always!
haidee chu(non-registered)
hey, these are very nice!
Maricel Barnes(non-registered)
Nice one Neil! You're really my Idol...
Eric Garcia(non-registered)
great pictures! i hope i can pick up this hobby too.... and your skills.

looking forward to your next shot.
rache abadiano(non-registered)
love the pictures... especially your daughter's... lalo na her hair
kno-kno barbosa(non-registered)
well done pinsan, kailan ka ga uuwi at makapagpa-tutor, he-he-he!
all beautiful photos... love them! keep up the good work, Neil! :)
Daen Family :)(non-registered)
pics of the kids are soooo cute! my mom likes them too :) -Chloe
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